A tech-savvy European who knows enough that its hazardous to his health... but moreso to his enemies'


My name is Roland. I had a last name, I suppose if you want to go back to Europe and find it, that’s your problem.

I know things. And I like knowing things. That guy over there? the one with the orange licks of tattoo coming onto his neck from under his shirt? Well, his tattoo is a Yakuza backplate…of three koi fish, of all things. He’s actually married, has two kids. All back in Japan. The Yakuza made him come to Manila, for some reason. I haven’t gotten that far yet. Anyway, this other guy is named Dmitri, and he doesn’t like Tahashi-san very much. He wanted me to find some dirt on him, shame him into going back to Japan. Apparently Dmitri and Tahashi-san have both been selling Synthcoke to some local street hoods, even from the same damn Biotechnica plant in Night City. Same quality, same everything. A Biotechnica exec told me that, after I sold him pictures of his wife and a Thai prostitute of questionable sex characteristics. Anyway. I decided that Tahashi-san will be more useful alive, at least for the time being. So I’m going to see what he can tell me after he knows about the dirt I have.

The Families? Don’t worry me much. I have acquaintances who know important people, and I have a netrunner who keeps a good backup of my data. If I end up dead, the dirty laundry of several international crime organizations and their corporate backers ends up on the net, for free. And the Families know this. They also know I’m good, so in the end I’m more likely to get hired. It’s easier to know things than find things out, but I do both. And even if the things someone wants to know are available for everyone to see on the net, it takes a good eye to tease them out. And with all the shit I’ve had to sift through, my eye is definitely good.


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