• Charlie


    This hard-hitting former Militech soldier had to disappear for a while
  • Erv Simsuangco

    Erv Simsuangco

    Manila Police Department
  • Leobardo


    After surviving SouthAm on the losing side, this premium wheelman hightailed it to Manila to get away from his baggage
  • Liberato


    A sneaky bastard from the streets of Manila with a talent for being where he shouldn't
  • Nobody


    An anonymous face in the Company who fled Luna to hide... something at which he is exceptional
  • Roland


    A tech-savvy European who knows enough that its hazardous to his health... but moreso to his enemies'
  • Steve


    A Rocker from the heart of Manila... who's managed to piss off almost half the city
  • The Nefarious Dr. Wu

    The Nefarious Dr. Wu

    A 'Doctor' whose past is unclear... in fact, the only thing about him that's clear is his penchant for violence