Island Paradise

Breaking and Entering
Fifth Session

“Liberato has long wondered what is better: doing cocaine or robbing banks. He now knows the answer. Doing cocaine while robbing banks” – Hans

The Service has been in the ‘protective custody’ of the Yakuzas for a day. Nix, as it turned out, needed a pacemaker, and the EMP the Yakuzas had popped to remove any trackers that might have been placed on them had shorted it out, killing him. The Service had been treated very well by the Yakzuas, offered food, drink, Geisha, and anythign they could ask for… except for one thing. Liberato was really jonesing for another hit of the coke, and took it upon himself to breakout of their gilded cell to find the stuff. He made it into the HVAC ducting and around several floors before he located Izawa, Nakamura, a pair of labcoats, and a pair of bodyguards clustered around the briefcase. He eyed the stuff avariciously, trying to figure out how to get down there, when one of the bodyguards noticed him and motioned at him to get down on the deck. He came out of the ventilation system and asked if he could get a hit of the stuff. He was answered by a taser to the neck, and was dumped back in the room with a note that said ‘next time we won’t use LTL weapons’

Obayun Nakamura walked in about an hour later. He informed the Service that the attack on the Mandarin has left relations…. strained, to say the least, between the Triad and the Yakuzas. The Russians are not yet involved, thankfully, but the incident at the Oriental has them interested in what exactly caused the Triads to openly assault a Yakuza interest. So far, Nakamura has held the Russians off, although he didn’t think he can much longer. He was unwilling to go to open war with the Triads again, at least not without the full formula for the cocaine to ensure a revenue stream that would be worth that war. His experts had looked over the formula, and have concluded much the same as Dr. Wu – that there is a critical piece missing from it that prevents replication. They hadn’t found it, but they did find a promising lead – they invested considerable time and money to find out what Nix had been doing once he reached Manila, and they discovered that he managed to open a safe deposit box in the First National People’s Bank… which is of course, Triad controlled. He opened it under the name Oscar Newsome, which is why the Triad hasn’t figured out what they have yet… although using one of the two ID’s he’s known by was criminally stupid. Unfortunately, the Yakuza cannot try an open assault on the bank to retrieve the formula, since that would spark a full-scale war. Instead, they contracted the Service to… ‘appropriate’ the contents of the safe deposit box, and do it quickly, and lent material support and a measure of on-site support through Gawain, who was very clearly not a Japanese and could operate with the European crew.

With that in hand, the Service immediately began planning a bank job. Nobody and Liberato went in first in disguise to scout the place out, posing as a pair of interested investors. With a blank check from the Yakuzas in their pocket for ‘expenses’ and a few discs to serve as something they wanted in a safe box. The discs carried a particularly nasty computer virus, in case the Triads tried to snoop. They noted extensive video surveillance on site, along with at least four guards armed with light weapons – pistols, SMGs, and shotguns. They met with a bank rep, a Ping Hong, who discussed their account and whatever protection they wanted on it. He mentioned that the box could include a destruct mechanism if it was forced, and an antipersonnel option if wanted. The vault was their major hurdle, though – the vault itself was only open during business hours, and had 2 permanent guards on site – one with an assault rifle, one with an autoshotgun – stationed there at all times. The boxes themselves were biometrically protected – DNA and retinal patterns were taken to remove the safe deposit box from its storage secure, while an audible password was then checked against a voiceprint pattern to unlock the box itself. Liberato took a quick peek at the inner workings of the security boxes when he had a few moments alone in the privacy room – not enough time to get a clear path to crack it, but enough of one to know he’d need at least 40 minutes to do it. After stowing their discs up, Nobody and Liberato headed back to the Yakuza Tower to plan their next move.

With the plethora of security that was based on biometric data, the crew decided that the best way around that data was to put the corpse of Nix to good use. The Nefarious Dr. Wu chopped off the arms of both Liberato and Nix, and grated Nix’s hand and forearm onto Liberato… messily. After that, it was time for the eyes, although during insertion one of them popped. Dr. Wu didn’t exactly try to be nice. Then, at Nobody’s suggestion, Dr. Wu cooked up a ‘distraction gas’ with unspecified effects before installing nasal filters into Nobody and Liberato. Equipped with Nix’s DNA, the distraction gas in a capsule form, fake IDs, and Disguises, Nobody and Liberato set out for the bank, with Gawain and Steve in the car, loaded for bear.

Disguised as Nix, Liberato got into the vault. Nix’s retinal and DNA patterns got the box unlocked. Nobody waited in line for about five minutes before crushing the gas capsules. Quickly, Dr. WU’s ‘unspecified effects’ manifested themselves as stomach pain and vomiting, along with pronounced bleeding… nasal, ocular, and rectal. That downed more than half the guards almost instantly, and the few who it didn’t were hard pressed to maintain order. A more heavily armed response team showed up from within the bank quickly, sporting gasmasks and assault rifles. Nobody tried to incite a panic, but one of the guards hosed him with an autoshotgun loaded with Stinger shells. The rubber pellets put him down along with a few other patrons. The tac team then got a radio call about the vault, and stacked in preparation for entry to the vault. Nobody took that as his opportunity to grab a downed guard’s rifle and hose them. He dropped two of them and wounded one with the first burst. A brief gun battle ensued, with Nobody eliminating the rest of the gunmen. He scooped the petty cash drawers, pocketing around 14,000 Euro, before he headed to the vault.

In the vault, Liberato had popped the lid of Nix’s box and was working on the security system carefully. He quickly discovered that Nix had both the destruct package and the antipersonnel package on his box. He spent about a half hour, connecting different leads, soldering a few of the circuits, and generally trying to break in, before he finally got through the voiceprint password. He discovered two discs in the box, along with a plastic bag containing a quarter kilo of refined product. He quickly helped himself to a large hit of the cocaine before tucking the discs into his pocket and checking out the vault. He saw several pallets of large-denomination bills in the center of the vault, clearly wired. He ignored those, and his attention turned to the small safe. Walking on the sunshine of Nix’s cocaine, he was completely oblivious to the gunfire outside as he headed for a small, old-fashioned safe and was about to start cracking it when Nobody grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and hauled him out.

All was not well out front, though. Steve and Gawain were waiting in the parking lot when they spotted several familiar looking vans coming in. Gawain got out of the car and pulled a bag out of the trunk as he called in, telling Nobody and Liberato to take the back way out. He fired a rocket into the lead van before he ran into the bank, Steve close behind him. They all ducked into an alley and sprinted away. A trio of Triads came around the corner shooting. Nobody, Gawain, and Liberato fired back, hosing the three of them. They kept sprinting, Nobody splitting off and paralleling them, as they called Leobardo for extraction. Nobody setup shop in an abandoned building while Leobardo got the entire crew into his car. As he did that, a black SUV rolled up on them fast. Nobody had time to spot a Militech Renegade LMG bas they rounded the corner. He took his one shot and missed before everyone in Leobardo’s car heard a voice yell ‘Freeze!’… in English. Leobardo didn’t bother with any response beyond flooring it, and in a squeal of burning rubber the chase was on.

Leobardo took advantage of his car’s better acceleration and agility through the turns as all parties concerned exchanged lead. He had time to lament the incendiary ammo singing his upholstry as he fired with his pistol grenades. Gawain and Liberato both fired back as well, and while they couldn’t hit anything, neither could the MG gunner in the roof of the SUV. Liberato managed to lose the SUV around a turn, and took two more quick turns to build enough uncertainty to make it back into Makatai city and Yakuza territory unseen. Nobody proceeded independently back to Yakuza territory where they quickly set to work analyzing the discs…

A Chip in the Big Game
Fouth Session

During Luck Deck rolls

‘Sweet! I rolled a Double Cross!’ – Mike
‘Who got a double cross?’ – Aaron
‘Oh, Nobody’ – Mike

Upon discovering the contents of Nix’s package, the Service is taken aback. No one has seen real cocaine since the mid 1990s… and with that, the value of the 2 kilos in the suitcase alone is upwards of 200,000 Euro, probably closer to 300,000. It seems the good Doctor was hoping to sell his first run of product to whet the appetite of the Triads, then sell them the formula at an exorbitant price. It… didn’t work out, and the Triads were probably pissed. The Service holed up in their new hideouot in east Tondo, which ended up being a very good thing. Lieutenant Simsuangco got ahold of Roland that morning, indicating that their laundry shop had been machine-gunned by a fifty cal. Erv mentioned that the hit fit the pattern of a Triad hit before he hung up. With that, the Service tried to figure out their next move.

Nobody, Liberato, and Leobardo argued over what to do with it while Roland spent time going over his recordings, noting that the Triads had apparently been told it was OK to take him out to stop Nix. Meanwhile, no one could really decide what the Service’s next move should be. Leobardo was advocating trying to strike a bargain with the Triads, hoping to smooth things over with them after the Service had killed a half-dozen Triads. Nobody, on the other hand, was thinking of a homerun, and wanted to head for space with the formula, and setup in the Crystal Palace, growing the stuff hydroponically. Liberato, though, decided that he wanted to see just how good the real deal was, and did a line of the product just as Nix showed up with the keys to a new Toyota Avalon he’d had up-armored. He quickly commented that he’d modified the coke to be much more addictive than the real stuff on seeing that, now lamenting that the thief was likely addicted. The Service pressured Nix to give them more information on the product, a request he refused. He said that he had an insurance policy setup, and that they needed to ‘restrain him.’ While he’d been referring to Liberato, Nobody took that as an invitation to crack the Dr. over the back of the head, knocking him out.

As they debated, Roland got a phone call from an unlikely source – his brother Gawain, who asked if he was OK. Roland discovered that Gawain had access to the police report of the hit on thier old place… which likely meant the Triad did too. Roland assured Gawain he was OK, and promised to call back with amplifying information. Another call to Simsuangco indicated that while Erv had taken steps to prevent the cops he knew were Triad informers from learning of the Service’s survival, he was almost sure he’d missed at least one. With that, Roland called Gawain back, indicating that he’d been serving as a negotiator for an outsider’s dealings with the Triads, and that he’d run into some trouble. Gawain asked how serious it was. Roland mentioned that it was pretty damn serious, and that he was in possession of an extremely valuable item and might need a little extra security. Gawain setup a meet between Roland, Nix, and Kenji Izawa, one of the more powerful underbosses of the Yakuzas.

Stuffing Nix in the trunk of the Toyota, they set off on a roundabout route for the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Makatai City, deep in Yakuza territory, where they were to meet with Izawa. On the way over, Nix woke up, and that tripped the sensors in the Avalon’s trunk that caused the taillights to flash, indicating that they had a captive in the trunk. A traffic cop pulled them over and demanded to see the trunk. Roland got out and played it off as ‘you know how strange the fetishes these out of town businessmen have’… which would only have been believed in the Philippinnes or Thailand. Fortunately, this was one of those places, and the cop left them alone. Reaching the hotel, Roland and Nix got out to meet with the Yakuzas. Nobody took up foot patrol in a dreadlocks wig whilst Liberato and Leobardo stayed in the car, sweeping the blcoks. The Yakuzas were duly impressed by the product Nix had with him, and were very much interested in a deal, although the specifics of something this big would need to be worked out with the obayun, Shinji Nakamura.

About this time, Liberato noticed that there were several cars circling the area. He called that in to the rest of the Service, who quickly closed up. In a shot for the ages, Nobody took out a van with a single shot from his pistol, blowing out the entire rear axel and flipping it end over end before leaking gas ignited, exploding it. Liberato and Leobardo pulled up in front of the hotel to extract the Service, but as they did a sniper and a machine gunner opened up on them. They raced into the hotel while Nobody ducked into an alleyway and moved up towards the sniper, losing the wig in the process. Roland and Nix were hustled a floor up under guard while five of the bodyguards joined in with Liberato and Leobardo defending the entrance.

Nobody broke into the office building and had a running game of cat and mouse with the Triad sniper in the building, finally cornering him and taking him out just as two nondescript vans unloaded an assault team at the base of the hotel. At least a dozen men were there, and the Yakuza bodyguards gave an account of themselves. Nobody sighted in just in time to see two of them pulling pins on grenades. A quick shot blasted one of them out of the thrower’s hands, and the flashbang disabled a number of the Triad soldiers. The second flashbang went in, and while the Yakuzas were all wearing smartshades, Liberato wasn’t so lucky, and was knocked out cold. Nobody took the time to snipe several of the Triads which, combined with the heavy fire the Yaks were putting on, forced the Triads to abort.

In the suite, Nix and Roland had taken shelter, with a pair of Yakuzas pointing assault rifles at their door. The lights flickered as the Yakuzas took precautions against surveillance, EMPing the place. Nix clutched his left shoulder and collapsed as the lights flickered. By now, the Triads had withdrawn. The bodyguards unceremoniuously shoved Nix, Roland, and Izawa into an armored limo that had a pair of SUVs riding escort. Nobody made his way separately to Yakuzas HQ as the Service was gathered there to a man.

A Deal Gone Bad
Third Session

“There is a little old lady in the office you want to use as a sniper nest, what do you do?” – The GM
“I pistol-whip her, I don’t have time to deal with her shit.” – Quoz
“You monster!” – EVERYONE ELSE
Yakkity Sax starts playing as the lady walks away

Charlie and Nobody brought Hobbes’ corpse back to the laundry service after making a clean getaway from the Tigerhawks’ place. They gave the body to Dr. Wu, who immediately went to work on it, pulling out a functional cybereye and a set of monorippers before he went to work on preserving the pelt. Charlie headed out to the Cyclops, hoping to speak with the crew there. He’d noticed that Wilson’s weapon used the same 6.5mm hybrid ammo that his did, adn Wilson said that Jack, the proprietor, had that particular contact and was out, but he did indicate that it was a possibility. While he was there, Nobody hit up his father-in-law with the weapons cache that they’d recovered from the Tigerhawks. The old Techie immediately went to work, trying to clean up the badly abused weapons in an effort to get them more ready for sale.

While those two were dealing with personal business, Roland had come out of his seclusion to deal with Nix. They hammered out a deal at 250 Euro a head for the security detail, plus a few expenses, namely a shotgun mike. Nix agreed, and shared a few details of his meet with Roland. Roland got in touch with one of his Triad contacts, a Zheng Fa An, to discuss details of the meet. Zheng was clearly surprised that Roland was representing Nix, and said that he expected an easy deal – Nix brings the item, he brings the money – a quarter million Euro – they exchange them and go their separate ways. The amount intrigued Roland, who immediately went to ask Nix just what he was carrying, a matter on which the good doctor remained tightlipped. Roland tried his luck again on the ’Net, searching for anything related to Richard Nix, or Oscar Newsome, or whoever was residing in his spare room. He got a hot news story that a body recovered in Night City previously burned beyond recognition had been identified through dental records as that of one Dr. Richard Nix, late of Biotechnica. Roland tucked that tidbit into his pocket and waited.

About half an hour later, he got a call from Shen, a senior lieutenant of the Triads, who asked a few questions before hanging up. By now, Roland’s internal radar was lighting up like a tree, and a very cautious Roland joined Leobardo in the company truck as Nobody took a sniper post, with Charlie providing immediate security for Nix.

As soon as they got to the meet, they smelled something wrong. That was quickly confirmed when Zheng tried to say that they weren’t paying the agreed-upon amount. Nix and Zheng argued while Roland felt the sweat trickle down his brow. Charlie flicked the safety off his rifle, and Zheng’s two bodyguards followed suite. It was then that Nobody spotted a Triad sniper ranging on Charlie. A quick look around spotted a second sniper. Nobody saw that the near sniper had taken his safety off and was aiming on Charlie, so he elected to take the first action, blasting the Triad sniper clean through the head. Charlie snapped his weapon up and triggered a flashbang round from his underbarrel shotgun before Zheng and his men could react, blinding all three… along with Nix. Nobody got his weapon racked quickly and put a round through the second sniper’s chest as Charlie hosed two of the three down men.

Leobardo had floored it as soon as the gunfire started, and had moved to recover Charlie and Nix. Roland opened the door only to feel the company van rock sharply. That rocking was rapidly followed by the crack of a large-caliber rifle, indicative of a third sniper. Nobody frantically searched for the third shooter, but found naught. Roland smelled gasoline and noted that the real axle had been shattered, so he hoofed it, along with Leobardo, grabbing Nix by the scruff of the neck and diving into a nearby warehouse. Charlie went over the pier and into the water as soon as the van started smoking. Just in time too, since the incendiary round that had hit the van ignited the gasoline and sent the van up. Charlie then heard a small boat motor tooling up. Broaching the surface, he spotted a Triad boat with a mounted gun and at least four men coming for him. He hauled ass out of the water and took shelter in the warehouse with Roland, Leobardo, and the now-recovered Nix, who had drawn a sidearm.

Nobody had started to relocate to cover the docks. As he relocated, he felt more than heard a shot from the third sniper whizz by. The round fizzled, indicating the third was using incendiary rounds. Noboy wasted no time getting under cover and getting his scope downrange. He caught the flash of a chromed cyberarm ducking out of a good sniper post as he dialed in, indicating the shooter had again relocated. He cursed as he finished his relocation, ducking into a warehouse opposite the one Roland and Co were in. He made his way to a corner office, where he spotted a little old lady. She took one look at him, and his rifle, before her hands went up and she left, muttering something about kids these days…

Nobody quickly popped the one still alive from the meet in the head. That man had a briefcase full of cash handcuffed to his wrist, which everyone clearly wanted. That was trumped, though, as the boat made its way to the pier. Charlie and Leobardo took to the catwalks of the warehouse, trying to setup an ambush, but Charlie tripped and put his elbow through the window. That action was answered by a long burst from the mounted gun. Charlie barely hit the deck in time to avoid being cut in half. Leobardo responded by opening up with Bianca, as the boat closed the dock. he then fit his other pistol with an incendiary grenade, which he simply waited with.

His patience was rewarded when he put a phosphorus grenade into the chest of a Triad, who fell back and set the boat half on fire. Several smoke grenades sailed over the quay wall at that, blinding Charlie and Leobardo. Nobody took advantage of that to snake his way towards the briefcase full of cash. Roland and company, meanwhile, discovered the back half of the warehouse they were in was full of Toyota Corollas waiting for transfer to dealerships. Quickly grabbing keys, they started to load up when the three men burst into the warehouse amid their smoke grenades. They spotted Nix and mistook him for Roland, which wasn’t that hard. One of them lowered his weapon upon seemingly recognizing Roland, but the second said that Shen said it was OK to shoot Roland this time. However, before they could get their weapons back up, Charlie and Leobardo cut them down. Quickly getting into the cars, they sped away from the docks as a trio of helicopters converged on the scene.

Nobody, meanwhile, had snaked his way down to the briefcase full of cash. After blowing off the arm of its carrier, he ducked into the water and swam north. After clearing almost a mile, he exited the water and headed for his father-in-laws, and the machine shop therein. He tried to force the lock on the case, but all that did was trigger an incendiary charge. It quickly became obvious that not only was there an incendiary charge in the case, the money had been soaked in gasoline, and it all went up quickly. Nobody cursed before he made his way back to the Laundry Service.

Roland, Leobardo, Charlie, and Nix, meanwhile, had ditched their stolen cars and were already back. Realizing that the Triads knew where he lived, Roland quickly put out feelers for new property. He got a ccall back later from the Police auctioneer, who mentioned that they were about to put a new acquisition in East Tondo on the block. It had been the previous den of a few characters of ill repute before someone cleaned them out. Roland bought the place on the spot, and made preparations to move his operation into the former hideout of the Tigerhawks.

With that done, Roland made a point to Nix that his fee might be going up a bit, and he was curious as to just what it was that Nix was carrying. He was rather insistent on finding that out, and Charlie and Leobardo stood behind him menacingly. Nix looked at the two mercs, then back at Roland. Sighing, he snapped open his case, revealing several bags full of white powder on the lower half of the case, paired with several scientific sketches and a few disks on the upper. Roland put it together quickly, and asked if Nix was peddling natural cocaine. Nix responded in the affirmative, saying that he’d managed to find a way around the DEA-engineered killvirus. Now carrying a package that was literally priceless to the criminal underworld, the Service contemplated in next move…

Big Game Hunting
Second Session

“Sorry I missed last session, I was out killing prostitutes” – The Nefarious Dr. Wu
“Its not that hard in Manila” – The GM
“That’s what she said” – Charlie

About an hour after the shootout, the shattered wreck of a truck in front of the Laundry Service has stopped smoking. Roland had displayed his self-preservation instinct by going to ground, accompanied by Liberato and Leobardo. Sergeant Mercado rolls up, apologizing for the slow response time as he says that cops aren’t too popular in Tondo, as evidenced by fresh bullet holes in his cruiser. He was there to pickup the wreck of the truck. A few Euros greased his palms into diverting the wreck to the scrapyard owned by Nobody’s father-in-law. Nix joined Nobody, Steve, Charlie, and the nefarious Dr. Wu downstairs. He said that he had arranged for his business dealings for the next afternoon, and that he’d been impressed by the Service’s defense of their home. He asked them if they’d be willing to pull security for his deal, not expecting anything but wanting to be sure either way. As Nobody agreed to it, a squeal of rubber was heard outside. Fortunately for the Service, the booster botched his throw and put the molotov into the coffee shop next door instead. Charlie rushed outside and was just in time to see a Tigerhawk pickup scream around the corner.

Nix said they should do something about that, and Nobody and Charlie agreed. Nix wanted an eye-opener, and the entire crew headed for the Cyclops to try and find a little more info. After checking all automatic weapons at the door with Wilson, the crew headed to the bar. Nix got himself a glass of the top-shelf and sat down with his laptop while Charlie tried his luck with Laura, the curvy barmaid. That… didn’t end well for Charlie, and Laura demonstrated why she’d survived SouthAm as a Force Recon Marine on him. Steve struck up a conversation with a few Triads at the bar, and found out that the Tigerhawks were undergoing a general expansion and had already pushed the Manila Mustangs out of the east side of Tondo. The crew briefly stopped off at the scrapyard to see if the truck had any clues, but all they could really tell was that it had recently been stolen and been on the east side.

Nobody and Charlie headed over to the East Side to see if they could find anything. They quickly spotted a Tigerhawks crew shaking down another local. They didn’t intervene, just letting the ‘Hawks shoot the poor guy in the leg. They tailed the truck back to a building. Putting it under surveillance, they quickly discovered that it was the Tigerhawks HQ. Deciding that they needed the lay of the land, Charlie, who hadn’t been seen by any of the Tigerhawks, attempted to join. He quickly realized that his American ass wasn’t welcome in the crew. Hobbes still gave him a chance in unarmed combat. Hobbes quickly overpowered Charlie, deflecting and pinning Charlie’s leg before systemically beating him with several hard shots to the head and torso. Hobbes called the fight after Charlie was reeling. One of the Hawks pocketed Charlie’s monomachete, but Charlie was able to get his rifle before any of the boosters grabbed it. After being bounced out the door, he met with Nobody and they came up with a plan.

A quick phone call to the nefarious Dr. Wu and the Dr. whipped up a slow-acting sleep drug… which had uncontrolled ocular bleeding as a nasty side effect. A quick word with the owner of the Tigerhawks’ watering hole and they spiked the meals of fourteen of the Hawks. Nobody grabbed the best available sniper nest he could find while Charlie setup shop across the street. Patiently waiting for the drugs to take effect, about two hours after the last group ate they saw major activity going down. A truck pulled up, four men got out. Nobody popped a quick slug into the gas tank as soon as they were inside.

Two men came back for the truck, and that was when Nobody elected to strike, popping a slug into both of the boosters. One of the corpses landed on the horn. The peephole opened at that, and Nobody popped another slug off at the door to alert the Tigerhawks that they were under attack. With that, Nobody moved out of the nest and started closing the Den. Charlie, meanwhile, had moved to the back entrance of the building, and spotted a trio of Tigerhawks moving out the back. A quick flashbang shotgun shell blinded two of them. The third dumped a submachine gun into Charlie, and while he landed five hits, Charlie was tough enough that he shrugged them off and poured more fire into the downed booster. Another stack tried to exit through the front, but when the first out the door became a foot shorter on the way out they stopped. Instead, a few grenades sailed out the door. Nobody picked one of them off with his laser pistol, which spread burning phosphorus over the gasoline that had pooled by the truck. The resulting explosion was… impressive.

By this time, Nobody had slipped onto the roof of the Tigerhawks’ building. As Charlie advanced on the back door, a stack of four came out, with Hobbes in the middle of it. Nobody dropped Hobbes almost instantly with a laser pistol while Charlie popped off a slug, which sailed wide. Nobody dropped two of the three remaining boosters with headshots as the third fired blindly, trying to force Charlie back. Charlie rounded the corner and put three into his head. With that, no more boosters came out. Nobody cautiously entered the building to find more than a dozen boosters unconscious on the deck, blood and snot pooled by their eyes. Borrowing one of the dead Booster’s Ronin ARs, he sprayed the place, killing them all. After that, he cased the joint, grabbing weapons, drugs, and wallets. He had just found the safe when the fire department showed up. Hightailing it out, Nobody and Charlie got back to the Service, carrying Hobbes’ body with them as Nobody looked for a taxidermist of negotiable morals.

It Started Like Any Other Day
First Session

“No, you can’t have a mortar. You’re lucky I’m giving you the pump-action grenade launcher” – Redshirt to LocutusOfPony

Roland’s Laundry Service starts out on a day like any other. The occasional gunshot is heard in the background as the Service goes through the usual morning routine of making coffee. The shop gets a phone call from a Richard Nix, who informs Roland that his contacts indicated that the Shop was a discrete service, and he would appreciate a little shelter and discretion. Roland agreed to pick him up, and along with Leobardo and Nobody he set off for the airport to pick him up. On their way, they spotted a few members of the Tigerhawks boostergang shaking down locals. One of them motioned at the Shop’s vehicle to stop, A quick conversation indicated that the Tigerhawks were expanding, and that they expected payment. Roland managed to throw enough smoke about sicking the Yazukas and Traids on them that they held their tongues. They got to the airport without incident and picked up Nix. Roland wouldn’t accept him without a little more information. Nix ceded that he was trying to disappear from certain Corporate interests. Once they got back to the Shop, Roland ran a comprehensive library search for him. While Nix’s name never came up, the pictures did pop a hit for a Dr. Oscar Newsome of Biotechnica. They had no further info than that on him, though. A pounding on the door revealed a man on the Shop’s doorstep… who’d been bioscultped to look like a tiger. This was Hobbes, the leader of the Tigerhawks. He had come to collect ‘his due’ from the Shop, since the Tigerhawks had declared it to be within their territory. He and Roland faced down, and Roland won by dropping the hints that his connections with the Yakuzas and the Triads would cause all kinds of hell to rain down on the Tigerhawks if they continued. A brief interlude with Steve caused Hobbes to visibly anger, but he calmed and left. Nobody immediately proposed they go tiger hunting. Roland called his contact within the police, Detective Mercado, and asked for any info on the Hawks. All he gave them was what he knew – they were violent. Liberato and Leobardo joined Nobody on the offensive, going looking for trouble. On their way to a location a few blocks away, Leobardo failed to notice a street child pickpocketing him, although Nobody spotted it and got Leobardo’s wallet back. Nobody offered the kid enough cash to buy a meal if the kid could point them towards a few Tigerhawks. The kid pointed them around the corner and took off with a few bucks. Rounding the corner, the three Shop men saw nothing but ordinary people there. Cursing at the kid, they resumed their search. They spotted a few Hawks shaking down a local barkeep. Nobody setup a sniper post a block and change down while Leobardo and Liberato setup shop across the street on overwatch. Nobody’s first shot took a skullcapped Booster through the head, and the second shot also neatly decapitated one of them. The two remaining Hawks dove into the bar and took cover. Leobardo and Liberato drew their weapons and waited, watching as the crowd screamed as it rushed out of the bar. Liberato dropped one, then another after Leobardo missed his shot. Leobardo and Liberato headed back to the Shop as Nobody made his own way back, dissapointed the other two had missed his point about trying to make it unknowns who did the shooting. They conferenced with Roland, who called the leader of the real local boostergang, the Wolfpack, and gave him a headsup that the Tigerhawks were moving in. As they did that, though, a Jeepney with makeshift armor welded onto the sides rolled up and put a trio of tear gas grenades into the shot. Nobody snapshotted one of them out of the air as a trio of armored Tigerhawks disgorged from the back of the truck. Leobardo snapped a flashbomb off at them, blinding two of them. Nobody delivered a headshot to one of the downed boosters as Roland called to Erv Simsuangco, the leader of the Wolfpack, who quickly mobilized his men to defend their turf. A standing gun battle ensued, with Nobody ricocheting a pair of shots underneath the truck to hit two of the shooters in the leg after he’d snapped the one who stayed in the armored bed in the head. Roland also called Mercado, who noted that it was a shame, but he was too deep in the combat zone to get help to quickly enough. Leobardo then tried to force the issue by snapping up and putting a frag into the truck, but he pulled his hamstring on the way up. Didn’t stop him from firing the grenade into the damaged engine of the truck, which sparked the fuel leak he’d caused earlier, killing the boosters. A few Wolfpack members showed up after the fight, but that was that. With eight Tigerhawks dead, the Shop now plans their next move


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