The messy, hateful bitch.

weapon (ranged)

Colt AMT Model 2000 with 25mm grenade mount, compensator and custom grip.

4d6+1 Damage

8 Rounds

RoF: 2

Very Reliable

Range 50m


When Bianca doesn’t do the trick, or when Leobardo is just extremely pissed off, he reaches for Fabiola. If things aren’t too bad his enemies only have to worry about a barrage of API ammo. But her most prominent feature is the mount for the 25mm Militech pistol grenades that have taught plenty of people back home not to bunch up around Leo. Typically he carries a few each of HEP, Incendiary, Offensive Frag, and Flash Bomb grenades to cover the bases. Whether she’s being pointed at people or real estate Fabiola has a reputation for making a mess of things.


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