The precise, classy lady.

weapon (ranged)

Fed Arms “Super Chief” .454C heavy pistol with Electrothermal and custom grip upgrades.

6d6+3 Damage

5 Rounds

RoF: 1

Very Reliable

Range 50m


Leobardo‘s primary weapon, a sweet not-so-little number that he loves more than most people. She’s been his practically since he started working as a runner, and he’s used her to put holes in people, vehicles, and buildings all over SouthAm. Nobody else gets to touch Bianca who isn’t Leobardo or a trusted gunsmith. He has in fact killed a few people who tried to steal her and had the only fistfight ever with his younger brother over a dismantling incident. When cooler heads fail to prevail, and he can’t drive away from or over his problems, Bianca starts singing.


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