Island Paradise

It Started Like Any Other Day

First Session

“No, you can’t have a mortar. You’re lucky I’m giving you the pump-action grenade launcher” – Redshirt to LocutusOfPony

Roland’s Laundry Service starts out on a day like any other. The occasional gunshot is heard in the background as the Service goes through the usual morning routine of making coffee. The shop gets a phone call from a Richard Nix, who informs Roland that his contacts indicated that the Shop was a discrete service, and he would appreciate a little shelter and discretion. Roland agreed to pick him up, and along with Leobardo and Nobody he set off for the airport to pick him up. On their way, they spotted a few members of the Tigerhawks boostergang shaking down locals. One of them motioned at the Shop’s vehicle to stop, A quick conversation indicated that the Tigerhawks were expanding, and that they expected payment. Roland managed to throw enough smoke about sicking the Yazukas and Traids on them that they held their tongues. They got to the airport without incident and picked up Nix. Roland wouldn’t accept him without a little more information. Nix ceded that he was trying to disappear from certain Corporate interests. Once they got back to the Shop, Roland ran a comprehensive library search for him. While Nix’s name never came up, the pictures did pop a hit for a Dr. Oscar Newsome of Biotechnica. They had no further info than that on him, though. A pounding on the door revealed a man on the Shop’s doorstep… who’d been bioscultped to look like a tiger. This was Hobbes, the leader of the Tigerhawks. He had come to collect ‘his due’ from the Shop, since the Tigerhawks had declared it to be within their territory. He and Roland faced down, and Roland won by dropping the hints that his connections with the Yakuzas and the Triads would cause all kinds of hell to rain down on the Tigerhawks if they continued. A brief interlude with Steve caused Hobbes to visibly anger, but he calmed and left. Nobody immediately proposed they go tiger hunting. Roland called his contact within the police, Detective Mercado, and asked for any info on the Hawks. All he gave them was what he knew – they were violent. Liberato and Leobardo joined Nobody on the offensive, going looking for trouble. On their way to a location a few blocks away, Leobardo failed to notice a street child pickpocketing him, although Nobody spotted it and got Leobardo’s wallet back. Nobody offered the kid enough cash to buy a meal if the kid could point them towards a few Tigerhawks. The kid pointed them around the corner and took off with a few bucks. Rounding the corner, the three Shop men saw nothing but ordinary people there. Cursing at the kid, they resumed their search. They spotted a few Hawks shaking down a local barkeep. Nobody setup a sniper post a block and change down while Leobardo and Liberato setup shop across the street on overwatch. Nobody’s first shot took a skullcapped Booster through the head, and the second shot also neatly decapitated one of them. The two remaining Hawks dove into the bar and took cover. Leobardo and Liberato drew their weapons and waited, watching as the crowd screamed as it rushed out of the bar. Liberato dropped one, then another after Leobardo missed his shot. Leobardo and Liberato headed back to the Shop as Nobody made his own way back, dissapointed the other two had missed his point about trying to make it unknowns who did the shooting. They conferenced with Roland, who called the leader of the real local boostergang, the Wolfpack, and gave him a headsup that the Tigerhawks were moving in. As they did that, though, a Jeepney with makeshift armor welded onto the sides rolled up and put a trio of tear gas grenades into the shot. Nobody snapshotted one of them out of the air as a trio of armored Tigerhawks disgorged from the back of the truck. Leobardo snapped a flashbomb off at them, blinding two of them. Nobody delivered a headshot to one of the downed boosters as Roland called to Erv Simsuangco, the leader of the Wolfpack, who quickly mobilized his men to defend their turf. A standing gun battle ensued, with Nobody ricocheting a pair of shots underneath the truck to hit two of the shooters in the leg after he’d snapped the one who stayed in the armored bed in the head. Roland also called Mercado, who noted that it was a shame, but he was too deep in the combat zone to get help to quickly enough. Leobardo then tried to force the issue by snapping up and putting a frag into the truck, but he pulled his hamstring on the way up. Didn’t stop him from firing the grenade into the damaged engine of the truck, which sparked the fuel leak he’d caused earlier, killing the boosters. A few Wolfpack members showed up after the fight, but that was that. With eight Tigerhawks dead, the Shop now plans their next move



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