Island Paradise

Breaking and Entering

Fifth Session

“Liberato has long wondered what is better: doing cocaine or robbing banks. He now knows the answer. Doing cocaine while robbing banks” – Hans

The Service has been in the ‘protective custody’ of the Yakuzas for a day. Nix, as it turned out, needed a pacemaker, and the EMP the Yakuzas had popped to remove any trackers that might have been placed on them had shorted it out, killing him. The Service had been treated very well by the Yakzuas, offered food, drink, Geisha, and anythign they could ask for… except for one thing. Liberato was really jonesing for another hit of the coke, and took it upon himself to breakout of their gilded cell to find the stuff. He made it into the HVAC ducting and around several floors before he located Izawa, Nakamura, a pair of labcoats, and a pair of bodyguards clustered around the briefcase. He eyed the stuff avariciously, trying to figure out how to get down there, when one of the bodyguards noticed him and motioned at him to get down on the deck. He came out of the ventilation system and asked if he could get a hit of the stuff. He was answered by a taser to the neck, and was dumped back in the room with a note that said ‘next time we won’t use LTL weapons’

Obayun Nakamura walked in about an hour later. He informed the Service that the attack on the Mandarin has left relations…. strained, to say the least, between the Triad and the Yakuzas. The Russians are not yet involved, thankfully, but the incident at the Oriental has them interested in what exactly caused the Triads to openly assault a Yakuza interest. So far, Nakamura has held the Russians off, although he didn’t think he can much longer. He was unwilling to go to open war with the Triads again, at least not without the full formula for the cocaine to ensure a revenue stream that would be worth that war. His experts had looked over the formula, and have concluded much the same as Dr. Wu – that there is a critical piece missing from it that prevents replication. They hadn’t found it, but they did find a promising lead – they invested considerable time and money to find out what Nix had been doing once he reached Manila, and they discovered that he managed to open a safe deposit box in the First National People’s Bank… which is of course, Triad controlled. He opened it under the name Oscar Newsome, which is why the Triad hasn’t figured out what they have yet… although using one of the two ID’s he’s known by was criminally stupid. Unfortunately, the Yakuza cannot try an open assault on the bank to retrieve the formula, since that would spark a full-scale war. Instead, they contracted the Service to… ‘appropriate’ the contents of the safe deposit box, and do it quickly, and lent material support and a measure of on-site support through Gawain, who was very clearly not a Japanese and could operate with the European crew.

With that in hand, the Service immediately began planning a bank job. Nobody and Liberato went in first in disguise to scout the place out, posing as a pair of interested investors. With a blank check from the Yakuzas in their pocket for ‘expenses’ and a few discs to serve as something they wanted in a safe box. The discs carried a particularly nasty computer virus, in case the Triads tried to snoop. They noted extensive video surveillance on site, along with at least four guards armed with light weapons – pistols, SMGs, and shotguns. They met with a bank rep, a Ping Hong, who discussed their account and whatever protection they wanted on it. He mentioned that the box could include a destruct mechanism if it was forced, and an antipersonnel option if wanted. The vault was their major hurdle, though – the vault itself was only open during business hours, and had 2 permanent guards on site – one with an assault rifle, one with an autoshotgun – stationed there at all times. The boxes themselves were biometrically protected – DNA and retinal patterns were taken to remove the safe deposit box from its storage secure, while an audible password was then checked against a voiceprint pattern to unlock the box itself. Liberato took a quick peek at the inner workings of the security boxes when he had a few moments alone in the privacy room – not enough time to get a clear path to crack it, but enough of one to know he’d need at least 40 minutes to do it. After stowing their discs up, Nobody and Liberato headed back to the Yakuza Tower to plan their next move.

With the plethora of security that was based on biometric data, the crew decided that the best way around that data was to put the corpse of Nix to good use. The Nefarious Dr. Wu chopped off the arms of both Liberato and Nix, and grated Nix’s hand and forearm onto Liberato… messily. After that, it was time for the eyes, although during insertion one of them popped. Dr. Wu didn’t exactly try to be nice. Then, at Nobody’s suggestion, Dr. Wu cooked up a ‘distraction gas’ with unspecified effects before installing nasal filters into Nobody and Liberato. Equipped with Nix’s DNA, the distraction gas in a capsule form, fake IDs, and Disguises, Nobody and Liberato set out for the bank, with Gawain and Steve in the car, loaded for bear.

Disguised as Nix, Liberato got into the vault. Nix’s retinal and DNA patterns got the box unlocked. Nobody waited in line for about five minutes before crushing the gas capsules. Quickly, Dr. WU’s ‘unspecified effects’ manifested themselves as stomach pain and vomiting, along with pronounced bleeding… nasal, ocular, and rectal. That downed more than half the guards almost instantly, and the few who it didn’t were hard pressed to maintain order. A more heavily armed response team showed up from within the bank quickly, sporting gasmasks and assault rifles. Nobody tried to incite a panic, but one of the guards hosed him with an autoshotgun loaded with Stinger shells. The rubber pellets put him down along with a few other patrons. The tac team then got a radio call about the vault, and stacked in preparation for entry to the vault. Nobody took that as his opportunity to grab a downed guard’s rifle and hose them. He dropped two of them and wounded one with the first burst. A brief gun battle ensued, with Nobody eliminating the rest of the gunmen. He scooped the petty cash drawers, pocketing around 14,000 Euro, before he headed to the vault.

In the vault, Liberato had popped the lid of Nix’s box and was working on the security system carefully. He quickly discovered that Nix had both the destruct package and the antipersonnel package on his box. He spent about a half hour, connecting different leads, soldering a few of the circuits, and generally trying to break in, before he finally got through the voiceprint password. He discovered two discs in the box, along with a plastic bag containing a quarter kilo of refined product. He quickly helped himself to a large hit of the cocaine before tucking the discs into his pocket and checking out the vault. He saw several pallets of large-denomination bills in the center of the vault, clearly wired. He ignored those, and his attention turned to the small safe. Walking on the sunshine of Nix’s cocaine, he was completely oblivious to the gunfire outside as he headed for a small, old-fashioned safe and was about to start cracking it when Nobody grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and hauled him out.

All was not well out front, though. Steve and Gawain were waiting in the parking lot when they spotted several familiar looking vans coming in. Gawain got out of the car and pulled a bag out of the trunk as he called in, telling Nobody and Liberato to take the back way out. He fired a rocket into the lead van before he ran into the bank, Steve close behind him. They all ducked into an alley and sprinted away. A trio of Triads came around the corner shooting. Nobody, Gawain, and Liberato fired back, hosing the three of them. They kept sprinting, Nobody splitting off and paralleling them, as they called Leobardo for extraction. Nobody setup shop in an abandoned building while Leobardo got the entire crew into his car. As he did that, a black SUV rolled up on them fast. Nobody had time to spot a Militech Renegade LMG bas they rounded the corner. He took his one shot and missed before everyone in Leobardo’s car heard a voice yell ‘Freeze!’… in English. Leobardo didn’t bother with any response beyond flooring it, and in a squeal of burning rubber the chase was on.

Leobardo took advantage of his car’s better acceleration and agility through the turns as all parties concerned exchanged lead. He had time to lament the incendiary ammo singing his upholstry as he fired with his pistol grenades. Gawain and Liberato both fired back as well, and while they couldn’t hit anything, neither could the MG gunner in the roof of the SUV. Liberato managed to lose the SUV around a turn, and took two more quick turns to build enough uncertainty to make it back into Makatai city and Yakuza territory unseen. Nobody proceeded independently back to Yakuza territory where they quickly set to work analyzing the discs…



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