Island Paradise

Big Game Hunting

Second Session

“Sorry I missed last session, I was out killing prostitutes” – The Nefarious Dr. Wu
“Its not that hard in Manila” – The GM
“That’s what she said” – Charlie

About an hour after the shootout, the shattered wreck of a truck in front of the Laundry Service has stopped smoking. Roland had displayed his self-preservation instinct by going to ground, accompanied by Liberato and Leobardo. Sergeant Mercado rolls up, apologizing for the slow response time as he says that cops aren’t too popular in Tondo, as evidenced by fresh bullet holes in his cruiser. He was there to pickup the wreck of the truck. A few Euros greased his palms into diverting the wreck to the scrapyard owned by Nobody’s father-in-law. Nix joined Nobody, Steve, Charlie, and the nefarious Dr. Wu downstairs. He said that he had arranged for his business dealings for the next afternoon, and that he’d been impressed by the Service’s defense of their home. He asked them if they’d be willing to pull security for his deal, not expecting anything but wanting to be sure either way. As Nobody agreed to it, a squeal of rubber was heard outside. Fortunately for the Service, the booster botched his throw and put the molotov into the coffee shop next door instead. Charlie rushed outside and was just in time to see a Tigerhawk pickup scream around the corner.

Nix said they should do something about that, and Nobody and Charlie agreed. Nix wanted an eye-opener, and the entire crew headed for the Cyclops to try and find a little more info. After checking all automatic weapons at the door with Wilson, the crew headed to the bar. Nix got himself a glass of the top-shelf and sat down with his laptop while Charlie tried his luck with Laura, the curvy barmaid. That… didn’t end well for Charlie, and Laura demonstrated why she’d survived SouthAm as a Force Recon Marine on him. Steve struck up a conversation with a few Triads at the bar, and found out that the Tigerhawks were undergoing a general expansion and had already pushed the Manila Mustangs out of the east side of Tondo. The crew briefly stopped off at the scrapyard to see if the truck had any clues, but all they could really tell was that it had recently been stolen and been on the east side.

Nobody and Charlie headed over to the East Side to see if they could find anything. They quickly spotted a Tigerhawks crew shaking down another local. They didn’t intervene, just letting the ‘Hawks shoot the poor guy in the leg. They tailed the truck back to a building. Putting it under surveillance, they quickly discovered that it was the Tigerhawks HQ. Deciding that they needed the lay of the land, Charlie, who hadn’t been seen by any of the Tigerhawks, attempted to join. He quickly realized that his American ass wasn’t welcome in the crew. Hobbes still gave him a chance in unarmed combat. Hobbes quickly overpowered Charlie, deflecting and pinning Charlie’s leg before systemically beating him with several hard shots to the head and torso. Hobbes called the fight after Charlie was reeling. One of the Hawks pocketed Charlie’s monomachete, but Charlie was able to get his rifle before any of the boosters grabbed it. After being bounced out the door, he met with Nobody and they came up with a plan.

A quick phone call to the nefarious Dr. Wu and the Dr. whipped up a slow-acting sleep drug… which had uncontrolled ocular bleeding as a nasty side effect. A quick word with the owner of the Tigerhawks’ watering hole and they spiked the meals of fourteen of the Hawks. Nobody grabbed the best available sniper nest he could find while Charlie setup shop across the street. Patiently waiting for the drugs to take effect, about two hours after the last group ate they saw major activity going down. A truck pulled up, four men got out. Nobody popped a quick slug into the gas tank as soon as they were inside.

Two men came back for the truck, and that was when Nobody elected to strike, popping a slug into both of the boosters. One of the corpses landed on the horn. The peephole opened at that, and Nobody popped another slug off at the door to alert the Tigerhawks that they were under attack. With that, Nobody moved out of the nest and started closing the Den. Charlie, meanwhile, had moved to the back entrance of the building, and spotted a trio of Tigerhawks moving out the back. A quick flashbang shotgun shell blinded two of them. The third dumped a submachine gun into Charlie, and while he landed five hits, Charlie was tough enough that he shrugged them off and poured more fire into the downed booster. Another stack tried to exit through the front, but when the first out the door became a foot shorter on the way out they stopped. Instead, a few grenades sailed out the door. Nobody picked one of them off with his laser pistol, which spread burning phosphorus over the gasoline that had pooled by the truck. The resulting explosion was… impressive.

By this time, Nobody had slipped onto the roof of the Tigerhawks’ building. As Charlie advanced on the back door, a stack of four came out, with Hobbes in the middle of it. Nobody dropped Hobbes almost instantly with a laser pistol while Charlie popped off a slug, which sailed wide. Nobody dropped two of the three remaining boosters with headshots as the third fired blindly, trying to force Charlie back. Charlie rounded the corner and put three into his head. With that, no more boosters came out. Nobody cautiously entered the building to find more than a dozen boosters unconscious on the deck, blood and snot pooled by their eyes. Borrowing one of the dead Booster’s Ronin ARs, he sprayed the place, killing them all. After that, he cased the joint, grabbing weapons, drugs, and wallets. He had just found the safe when the fire department showed up. Hightailing it out, Nobody and Charlie got back to the Service, carrying Hobbes’ body with them as Nobody looked for a taxidermist of negotiable morals.



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