Island Paradise

A Deal Gone Bad

Third Session

“There is a little old lady in the office you want to use as a sniper nest, what do you do?” – The GM
“I pistol-whip her, I don’t have time to deal with her shit.” – Quoz
“You monster!” – EVERYONE ELSE
Yakkity Sax starts playing as the lady walks away

Charlie and Nobody brought Hobbes’ corpse back to the laundry service after making a clean getaway from the Tigerhawks’ place. They gave the body to Dr. Wu, who immediately went to work on it, pulling out a functional cybereye and a set of monorippers before he went to work on preserving the pelt. Charlie headed out to the Cyclops, hoping to speak with the crew there. He’d noticed that Wilson’s weapon used the same 6.5mm hybrid ammo that his did, adn Wilson said that Jack, the proprietor, had that particular contact and was out, but he did indicate that it was a possibility. While he was there, Nobody hit up his father-in-law with the weapons cache that they’d recovered from the Tigerhawks. The old Techie immediately went to work, trying to clean up the badly abused weapons in an effort to get them more ready for sale.

While those two were dealing with personal business, Roland had come out of his seclusion to deal with Nix. They hammered out a deal at 250 Euro a head for the security detail, plus a few expenses, namely a shotgun mike. Nix agreed, and shared a few details of his meet with Roland. Roland got in touch with one of his Triad contacts, a Zheng Fa An, to discuss details of the meet. Zheng was clearly surprised that Roland was representing Nix, and said that he expected an easy deal – Nix brings the item, he brings the money – a quarter million Euro – they exchange them and go their separate ways. The amount intrigued Roland, who immediately went to ask Nix just what he was carrying, a matter on which the good doctor remained tightlipped. Roland tried his luck again on the ’Net, searching for anything related to Richard Nix, or Oscar Newsome, or whoever was residing in his spare room. He got a hot news story that a body recovered in Night City previously burned beyond recognition had been identified through dental records as that of one Dr. Richard Nix, late of Biotechnica. Roland tucked that tidbit into his pocket and waited.

About half an hour later, he got a call from Shen, a senior lieutenant of the Triads, who asked a few questions before hanging up. By now, Roland’s internal radar was lighting up like a tree, and a very cautious Roland joined Leobardo in the company truck as Nobody took a sniper post, with Charlie providing immediate security for Nix.

As soon as they got to the meet, they smelled something wrong. That was quickly confirmed when Zheng tried to say that they weren’t paying the agreed-upon amount. Nix and Zheng argued while Roland felt the sweat trickle down his brow. Charlie flicked the safety off his rifle, and Zheng’s two bodyguards followed suite. It was then that Nobody spotted a Triad sniper ranging on Charlie. A quick look around spotted a second sniper. Nobody saw that the near sniper had taken his safety off and was aiming on Charlie, so he elected to take the first action, blasting the Triad sniper clean through the head. Charlie snapped his weapon up and triggered a flashbang round from his underbarrel shotgun before Zheng and his men could react, blinding all three… along with Nix. Nobody got his weapon racked quickly and put a round through the second sniper’s chest as Charlie hosed two of the three down men.

Leobardo had floored it as soon as the gunfire started, and had moved to recover Charlie and Nix. Roland opened the door only to feel the company van rock sharply. That rocking was rapidly followed by the crack of a large-caliber rifle, indicative of a third sniper. Nobody frantically searched for the third shooter, but found naught. Roland smelled gasoline and noted that the real axle had been shattered, so he hoofed it, along with Leobardo, grabbing Nix by the scruff of the neck and diving into a nearby warehouse. Charlie went over the pier and into the water as soon as the van started smoking. Just in time too, since the incendiary round that had hit the van ignited the gasoline and sent the van up. Charlie then heard a small boat motor tooling up. Broaching the surface, he spotted a Triad boat with a mounted gun and at least four men coming for him. He hauled ass out of the water and took shelter in the warehouse with Roland, Leobardo, and the now-recovered Nix, who had drawn a sidearm.

Nobody had started to relocate to cover the docks. As he relocated, he felt more than heard a shot from the third sniper whizz by. The round fizzled, indicating the third was using incendiary rounds. Noboy wasted no time getting under cover and getting his scope downrange. He caught the flash of a chromed cyberarm ducking out of a good sniper post as he dialed in, indicating the shooter had again relocated. He cursed as he finished his relocation, ducking into a warehouse opposite the one Roland and Co were in. He made his way to a corner office, where he spotted a little old lady. She took one look at him, and his rifle, before her hands went up and she left, muttering something about kids these days…

Nobody quickly popped the one still alive from the meet in the head. That man had a briefcase full of cash handcuffed to his wrist, which everyone clearly wanted. That was trumped, though, as the boat made its way to the pier. Charlie and Leobardo took to the catwalks of the warehouse, trying to setup an ambush, but Charlie tripped and put his elbow through the window. That action was answered by a long burst from the mounted gun. Charlie barely hit the deck in time to avoid being cut in half. Leobardo responded by opening up with Bianca, as the boat closed the dock. he then fit his other pistol with an incendiary grenade, which he simply waited with.

His patience was rewarded when he put a phosphorus grenade into the chest of a Triad, who fell back and set the boat half on fire. Several smoke grenades sailed over the quay wall at that, blinding Charlie and Leobardo. Nobody took advantage of that to snake his way towards the briefcase full of cash. Roland and company, meanwhile, discovered the back half of the warehouse they were in was full of Toyota Corollas waiting for transfer to dealerships. Quickly grabbing keys, they started to load up when the three men burst into the warehouse amid their smoke grenades. They spotted Nix and mistook him for Roland, which wasn’t that hard. One of them lowered his weapon upon seemingly recognizing Roland, but the second said that Shen said it was OK to shoot Roland this time. However, before they could get their weapons back up, Charlie and Leobardo cut them down. Quickly getting into the cars, they sped away from the docks as a trio of helicopters converged on the scene.

Nobody, meanwhile, had snaked his way down to the briefcase full of cash. After blowing off the arm of its carrier, he ducked into the water and swam north. After clearing almost a mile, he exited the water and headed for his father-in-laws, and the machine shop therein. He tried to force the lock on the case, but all that did was trigger an incendiary charge. It quickly became obvious that not only was there an incendiary charge in the case, the money had been soaked in gasoline, and it all went up quickly. Nobody cursed before he made his way back to the Laundry Service.

Roland, Leobardo, Charlie, and Nix, meanwhile, had ditched their stolen cars and were already back. Realizing that the Triads knew where he lived, Roland quickly put out feelers for new property. He got a ccall back later from the Police auctioneer, who mentioned that they were about to put a new acquisition in East Tondo on the block. It had been the previous den of a few characters of ill repute before someone cleaned them out. Roland bought the place on the spot, and made preparations to move his operation into the former hideout of the Tigerhawks.

With that done, Roland made a point to Nix that his fee might be going up a bit, and he was curious as to just what it was that Nix was carrying. He was rather insistent on finding that out, and Charlie and Leobardo stood behind him menacingly. Nix looked at the two mercs, then back at Roland. Sighing, he snapped open his case, revealing several bags full of white powder on the lower half of the case, paired with several scientific sketches and a few disks on the upper. Roland put it together quickly, and asked if Nix was peddling natural cocaine. Nix responded in the affirmative, saying that he’d managed to find a way around the DEA-engineered killvirus. Now carrying a package that was literally priceless to the criminal underworld, the Service contemplated in next move…



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