Island Paradise

A Chip in the Big Game

Fouth Session

During Luck Deck rolls

‘Sweet! I rolled a Double Cross!’ – Mike
‘Who got a double cross?’ – Aaron
‘Oh, Nobody’ – Mike

Upon discovering the contents of Nix’s package, the Service is taken aback. No one has seen real cocaine since the mid 1990s… and with that, the value of the 2 kilos in the suitcase alone is upwards of 200,000 Euro, probably closer to 300,000. It seems the good Doctor was hoping to sell his first run of product to whet the appetite of the Triads, then sell them the formula at an exorbitant price. It… didn’t work out, and the Triads were probably pissed. The Service holed up in their new hideouot in east Tondo, which ended up being a very good thing. Lieutenant Simsuangco got ahold of Roland that morning, indicating that their laundry shop had been machine-gunned by a fifty cal. Erv mentioned that the hit fit the pattern of a Triad hit before he hung up. With that, the Service tried to figure out their next move.

Nobody, Liberato, and Leobardo argued over what to do with it while Roland spent time going over his recordings, noting that the Triads had apparently been told it was OK to take him out to stop Nix. Meanwhile, no one could really decide what the Service’s next move should be. Leobardo was advocating trying to strike a bargain with the Triads, hoping to smooth things over with them after the Service had killed a half-dozen Triads. Nobody, on the other hand, was thinking of a homerun, and wanted to head for space with the formula, and setup in the Crystal Palace, growing the stuff hydroponically. Liberato, though, decided that he wanted to see just how good the real deal was, and did a line of the product just as Nix showed up with the keys to a new Toyota Avalon he’d had up-armored. He quickly commented that he’d modified the coke to be much more addictive than the real stuff on seeing that, now lamenting that the thief was likely addicted. The Service pressured Nix to give them more information on the product, a request he refused. He said that he had an insurance policy setup, and that they needed to ‘restrain him.’ While he’d been referring to Liberato, Nobody took that as an invitation to crack the Dr. over the back of the head, knocking him out.

As they debated, Roland got a phone call from an unlikely source – his brother Gawain, who asked if he was OK. Roland discovered that Gawain had access to the police report of the hit on thier old place… which likely meant the Triad did too. Roland assured Gawain he was OK, and promised to call back with amplifying information. Another call to Simsuangco indicated that while Erv had taken steps to prevent the cops he knew were Triad informers from learning of the Service’s survival, he was almost sure he’d missed at least one. With that, Roland called Gawain back, indicating that he’d been serving as a negotiator for an outsider’s dealings with the Triads, and that he’d run into some trouble. Gawain asked how serious it was. Roland mentioned that it was pretty damn serious, and that he was in possession of an extremely valuable item and might need a little extra security. Gawain setup a meet between Roland, Nix, and Kenji Izawa, one of the more powerful underbosses of the Yakuzas.

Stuffing Nix in the trunk of the Toyota, they set off on a roundabout route for the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Makatai City, deep in Yakuza territory, where they were to meet with Izawa. On the way over, Nix woke up, and that tripped the sensors in the Avalon’s trunk that caused the taillights to flash, indicating that they had a captive in the trunk. A traffic cop pulled them over and demanded to see the trunk. Roland got out and played it off as ‘you know how strange the fetishes these out of town businessmen have’… which would only have been believed in the Philippinnes or Thailand. Fortunately, this was one of those places, and the cop left them alone. Reaching the hotel, Roland and Nix got out to meet with the Yakuzas. Nobody took up foot patrol in a dreadlocks wig whilst Liberato and Leobardo stayed in the car, sweeping the blcoks. The Yakuzas were duly impressed by the product Nix had with him, and were very much interested in a deal, although the specifics of something this big would need to be worked out with the obayun, Shinji Nakamura.

About this time, Liberato noticed that there were several cars circling the area. He called that in to the rest of the Service, who quickly closed up. In a shot for the ages, Nobody took out a van with a single shot from his pistol, blowing out the entire rear axel and flipping it end over end before leaking gas ignited, exploding it. Liberato and Leobardo pulled up in front of the hotel to extract the Service, but as they did a sniper and a machine gunner opened up on them. They raced into the hotel while Nobody ducked into an alleyway and moved up towards the sniper, losing the wig in the process. Roland and Nix were hustled a floor up under guard while five of the bodyguards joined in with Liberato and Leobardo defending the entrance.

Nobody broke into the office building and had a running game of cat and mouse with the Triad sniper in the building, finally cornering him and taking him out just as two nondescript vans unloaded an assault team at the base of the hotel. At least a dozen men were there, and the Yakuza bodyguards gave an account of themselves. Nobody sighted in just in time to see two of them pulling pins on grenades. A quick shot blasted one of them out of the thrower’s hands, and the flashbang disabled a number of the Triad soldiers. The second flashbang went in, and while the Yakuzas were all wearing smartshades, Liberato wasn’t so lucky, and was knocked out cold. Nobody took the time to snipe several of the Triads which, combined with the heavy fire the Yaks were putting on, forced the Triads to abort.

In the suite, Nix and Roland had taken shelter, with a pair of Yakuzas pointing assault rifles at their door. The lights flickered as the Yakuzas took precautions against surveillance, EMPing the place. Nix clutched his left shoulder and collapsed as the lights flickered. By now, the Triads had withdrawn. The bodyguards unceremoniuously shoved Nix, Roland, and Izawa into an armored limo that had a pair of SUVs riding escort. Nobody made his way separately to Yakuzas HQ as the Service was gathered there to a man.



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